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Our Business

​​​​​​​​​​​​​What We Do

At Land Bank, our sole objective is to serve South African commercial and emerging agriculture by bringing specially designed financial services within the reach of farmers across the nation. These services enable farmers to finance land, equipment, improve assets and obtain production credit. Today, the Bank is a true South African development finance institution that strives to serve all farmers equally.

As a responsible lender and to ensure longevity as an institution, Land Bank is committed to sound environmental practices both internally and with our clients. With every loan dispensed and every farming enterprise initiated, we have to make sure that we are not only looking after our clients, but ensuring that their agricultural practices do not harm the environment but add value and are sustainable in the long term.​

​Our ​V​​ision​

​​Our Vision is to be a​​ ​​world-class agricultural development bank that stimulates g​rowth, drives solid performance, and spurs innovation.


​Our ​​M​ission​

Our​ mission is to work with all stakeholders to build an adaptive and competitive agricultural sector that drives environmental, soci​al and economic growth and development, and contributes to food security.​​​​​​


Corporate Fact Sheet

​​​​Corporate Fact Sheet - English​​​​​​ ​ ​​​​Corporate Fact Sheet - Afrikaans​​​​​​

Committed To Transformation

Transformation is a critical part of Land Bank’s mandate. We are charged with facilitating more inclusive and equitable access to the agricultural for previously disadvantaged groups such as black people, women and the youth. In order to fulfil this mandate the Bank provides a range of innovative financial products and services that are designed to widen access to and participation in the sector for new generation entrants. The Bank’s mandate is closely aligned to the Constitution and the National Development Plan as well as other legislative and policy frameworks.​


​Our V​alu​​es

The cond​​uct of the Land Bank Group is guided by the following values:​

  1. Meaningful Contribution: We continuously seek to add value in our engagements.
  2. Empowerment: We seek to empower ourselves and each other in the way we undertake our work.
  3. Organisational Synergy: We seek to create a sense of oneness and integration.
  4. Accountability: We do what we say and follow through on our promises.
  5. Pro-active: We seek opportunities to improve performance at all levels, taking all conceivable measures to create new opportunities.

​​S​trateg​y Pillars​​


Se​​ctor Growth​ Support​

Growth sector ​by Prioritised high pontential regions and crops​​

Encourage Investment in high-potential regions and crops
Increase participation of emerging established farmers​


Supply Chain Development​​

Deepen Agro-processing production pace, and financial benefits​​​

Align high-supply, high-demand processed products​​


Production Expansion & Intensification

Increase pace of Agric economic contribution

Expand production of established medium- and large-scale commercial farmers
Increase productivity of land in production


Agricultural Innovation

Spur Agricultural Innovation​​

Invest in Agriculture ventures that plug gaps at start-up
Growth Youth and entreprenurship​​