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Our Development Success Stories

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Empowering Communities Through Agriculture

At Land Bank, we are constantly working to empower the communities around us through agriculture. Our commitment to community development is an extension of the Bank’s mandate to grow the agricultural sector in a more inclusive and transformed way. Through high impact strategic social investments, we are investing in the creation of opportunities across the agricultural value chain that will bring more previously disadvantaged groups like youth, women and black people, into the sector.

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Women & Youth Inclusion Programme

Land Bank is developing a comprehensive programme in response to the identified challenges faced by women and youth in participating in the agricultural sector. The programme forms part of the Bank’s strategic priorities to facilitate a more inclusive agricultural sector.

The programme aims to:

  • Identify the types of projects and commodities that would appeal to and be suitable for youth and women participation in both rural and urban settings;
  • Identify current and potential challenges that women & youth could face in raising financing to make a success of their respective projects as well as providing practical solutions to these challenges;
  • Identify and foster partnerships with relevant industry stakeholders that can provide support to women and youth; and
  • Develop  projects that could potentially be funded by Land Bank

To find out more about the programme click here​ to contact us. 

Corporate Social Investment

Our Corporate Social Investment programme is designed to support our communities through three distinctive focus areas to boost participation within the agricultural sector. These include:

  1. Food Security: upskill and provide resources to households to improve food security and reduce vulnerability to hunger.
  2. Employment Quality: Capacity building for smallholder farmers in order to upskill them to pursue sustainable agricultural practices and employment opportunities.
  3. Sector growth & transformation: Building the agricultural sector skills pipeline focusing on youth development and women headed households.​


Stimulating Change through CSI

About Land Bank

The Land and Agricultural Development Bank of South Africa (Land Bank) is a specialist agricultural bank established in 1912

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AGRI Teen Symposium​ North West

The Agri Teen Symposium sponsored by Land Bank was hosted at The North West University (NWU) Mafikeng campus.

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Employee Volunteerism

Land Bank contributes to poverty eradication and celebrating 10 years of Mandela Day. Giving back is embedded in our development culture at Land Bank, and our employees regularly get involved to make a difference in the communities in which we operate.

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